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Frequently Asked Questions


How many teeth do I need to have on my Cold Saw Blade for my application that I will be cutting?

Believe it or not, there are many algorithms that come into play when choosing the RIGHT Cold Saw Blade. General rule of thumb is the thinner the material, the more teeth on your cold saw blade you need, and the thicker your material is, the less teeth you'll need. Of course there are numerous choices of blade sizes and teeth to choose from.

We could get into the mathematics behind everything, but to make it easy on you, call one of our knowledgeable Quantum Reps today to have them help you determine which blade(s) are best suited for your applications at (909)476-8007, or send us an email at, and we will let you know our recommendations for your applications.

Also, ask us to send you a free blade chart calculator, to help you determine the right blades to purchase for future applications.


What do the acronyms H.S.S. stand for?

H.S.S. stands for High Speed Steel.