Quantum Machinery S-410 AE Fully-Auto Horizontal Band Saw

Quantum Machinery S-410 AE Fully-Auto Horizontal Band Saw


The Quantum Special 410 AE band saw machine has excellent cutting performances on a wide range of materials. The project of this machine has been focused on making the use very simple; thanks to the numeric control with material libraries Special 410 AE automatically set the right cutting parameters, while the total enclosure has been designed to guarantee an easy access to the machine. Special 410 AE has also a very rich standard equipment. 

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S 410 AE Cutting Capacities

  • Solid Round Cutting at 90° (Straight Cut) - 16"
  • Solid Square Cutting at 90° (Straight Cut) - 16"

Maximum Vice Opening - 430mm (16.9")

  • Cutting Capacity: 16” Solid Round and 16" Solid Square.
  • PLC machine logic with touch screen HMI interface and remote service connection to manufacturer service engineers, to reduce service time & costs.
  • Fully enclosed design to assure the highest safety and a clean working area. With respect of full accessibility for daily and extraordinary service.
  • Head movement on linear ball bearings.
  • Hydraulic band tension.
  • Automatic hand feed regulation, according to the cross section and shape of material.
  • Automatic movable band guide to keep blade guiding as close as possible to the material to cut.
  • Index movement by precision ball screw and electrical motor.
  • Automatic chip conveyor.
  • Power driven band cleaning brush.
  • Carbide faced saw guides with large diameter lead in rollers on both guide arms.

The basic characteristics of the machine (such as rigidity of the blade support, flywheel dimensioning, band guides, and band stretching) have been thoroughly studied to avoid yielding of the band, increase its durability, and improve linearity and time of cutting.